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The new software MagniLink MacViewer is here!


To make everyday life easier for those of you using a Mac computer (Mac OS 10,14 or later) with a MagniLink video magnifier, we are now launching a brand-new software, MagniLink MacViewer! The software controls the reading cameras features, such as magnification, colors and brightness, and provides the user with the facility to make individual adjustments for the best possible experience.


An image showing a part of a computer screen. On the screen you see parts of the MagniLink MacViewer menu.


The software has lots of useful functionality, and there are different ways to control the functions, either via menus, shortcuts or buttons on the reading camera’s control panel. The graphical user interface is totally new, and all functions can be accessed directly in the menus inside the program. The user can choose which split screen modes you wish to have active and then easily switch between these. 


With the optional TTS, it is possible to OCR process a text and have it read aloud. The OCR-processed text can be displayed in several different display modes synchronized with speech. You can OCR process text from an image taken with your connected MagniLink video magnifier – but you can also drag other documents into the program to get them OCR processed and read aloud.


New features implemented:


  • New graphical user interface (GUI).
  • All functionality is present in the graphical user interface.
  • It’s possible to change the size of the menu/setting. 
  • New picture modes in video and in OCR mode.
  • Add pages in OCR (Alt + F4) and navigate page to page (Alt + 3 and Alt + 4).
  • Use mouse to start/stop reading and to decide what to read.
  • Export/import PDF, other formats like png.
  • Open picture or document from, for example, iPhone.
  • Toggle backwards in artificial colors and F8 modes using Shift.
  • Disable certain display modes, F8 modes, under settings tab and application.
  • Saving to RTF and ZIP.  However, it is possible to open and OCR-process image files as well as PDF files.
  • End user configuration.  



More information about MagniLink MacViewer