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1. How do I get the software?

The software comes preinstalled and starts automatically when you turn on the unit. When a new version is released, the software is updated automatically. 

2. How do I control the system?

The software’s various functions can be controlled via menus, gestures or with a connected keyboard (accessory).  

3. Is it possible to remove and customize features?

Yes! It is possible to choose which gestures you want to activate/deactivate and the short cut commands, used with a keyboard, can be changed in the settings menu. You can also customize for example which different artificial colours that should be active and lots of settings related to OCR and Text to speech.

3. What accessories are available?
The MagniLink TAB is delivered as a complete unit including stand, tablet, external camera and carrying bag. As the MagniLink TAB is based on a Surface Pro, there are several 3rd party accessories available, including for example different Bluetooth keyboards etc.


4. Is the MagniLink TAB compatible with other magnification software and screen readers?
Yes, the MagniLink TAB is compatible with different 3rd party accessibility software. The MagniLink TAB is based on a Surface Pro with Windows 10 and applications compatible with this can normally be installed. LVI can however not take any responsibility for 3rd party software. The MagniLink TAB contains a Windows restore point that allows the system to be restored to the original configuration if needed.

5. Is the unit mobile and easy to carry between different locations?

Yes, the MagniLink TAB is foldable, lightweight and thus very easy to carry around. A carrying bag is included with the products. The MagniLink TAB sets up quickly and easily and you can start working almost immediately at a new location

6. Can the low vision adapted buttons on the touch screen be used at the same time as a keyboard?

Yes, all commands work in parallel, i.e you can simultaneously control the unit with buttons, gestures and keyboard

7. Are OCR and Text to Speech included in the software?

Yes, OCR and Text to Speech are included.


8. Is the external distance camera included?

Yes, the high-quality external camera for both distance and close-up viewing is included.


9. Which type is the tablet computer?

The MagniLink TAB is based on a Microsoft Surface Pro with 12,3” screen.