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Using the MagniLink S at Work - a real life story from Rebecca

Rebecca is using the video magnifier MagniLink S (MLS) combined with a 24” screen.

When Rebecca Dorton had trouble at work, she never expected to find the solution in her husband’s tackle box, but that’s exactly what happened one night in East Tennessee


After earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a Legal Studies minor, Rebecca was hired by the Sullivan County Circuit Court Clerks in East Tennessee. Familiar with assistive technology from her college days, Rebecca worked with her state’s vocational rehabilitation agency to get the tools necessary for her to work in a setting that relies heavily on paper documents. In fact, not only does the court system favor paper over digital documents, it uses low-tech, old-school highlighters to mark the pages.


Rebecca has Cone-rod dystrophy (CRD). Due to her loss of visual acuity – she is legally blind – the state equipped her with an LVI MagniLink S (MLS) which she combined with a 24” TV to easily view paperwork at her desk at work. However, the ordinary highlighter was a sticking point for Rebecca because CRD caused a loss of color perception which caused her to have color-blindness.


As Rebecca and her husband, Jim, discussed the issue one evening, he jumped up, ran to the garage, and re-entered the room carrying his tackle box. Jim instructed Rebecca to get some paper and a highlighter. The couple made a few marks on the paper, marks Rebecca couldn’t distinguish, until her husband turned on his blacklight penlight. Ta Da! The marks were now visible. It turns out whether you’re trying to see fluorescent marks on a paper or fluorescent fishing line at night, all you need is a blacklight. Her husband Jim gets points for this one!


Rebecca with her husband Jim in front of her working station.


Rebecca has participated in a webinar that LVI held. Here you can listen to Rebecca's story.