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LVI has a great deal of expertise in vision aids, training and adaptations in both home, study and work situations. By looking at the whole, we can present solutions that suit the individual. Here you can share examples where LVI America has helped people for an easier and better everyday life.

Using the MagniLink S at Work - a real life story from Rebecca

Rebecca is using the video magnifier MagniLink S (MLS) combined with a 24” screen.

When Rebecca Dorton had trouble at work, she never expected to find the solution in her husband’s tackle box, but that’s exactly what happened one night in East Tennessee


After earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a Legal Studies minor, Rebecca was hired by the Sullivan County Circuit Court Clerks in East Tennessee. Familiar with assistive technology from her college days, Rebecca worked with her state’s vocational rehabilitation agency to get the tools necessary for her to work in a setting that relies heavily on paper documents. In fact, not only does the court system favor paper over digital documents, it uses low-tech, old-school highlighters to mark the pages.


Rebecca has Cone-rod dystrophy (CRD). Due to her loss of visual acuity – she is legally blind – the state equipped her with an LVI MagniLink S (MLS) which she combined with a 24” TV to easily view paperwork at her desk at work. However, the ordinary highlighter was a sticking point for Rebecca because CRD caused a loss of color perception which caused her to have color-blindness.


As Rebecca and her husband, Jim, discussed the issue one evening, he jumped up, ran to the garage, and re-entered the room carrying his tackle box. Jim instructed Rebecca to get some paper and a highlighter. The couple made a few marks on the paper, marks Rebecca couldn’t distinguish, until her husband turned on his blacklight penlight. Ta Da! The marks were now visible. It turns out whether you’re trying to see fluorescent marks on a paper or fluorescent fishing line at night, all you need is a blacklight. Her husband Jim gets points for this one!


Rebecca with her husband Jim and in front of her working station.


Meet Ethan Thiseth making the Grade Using the MagniLink TAB!


Ethan Thiseth using the MagniLink TAB in school

During the Summer 2019, Kimberly Cline at LVI America had the privilege of meeting Ethan Thiseth from North Dakota. He was enjoying his summer, but he took some time out to test drive our newest product the MagniLink TAB.

Kimberly could tell right away what a unique young man Ethan is. He learned how to use the TAB very quickly and was excited to use this new technology to successfully start middle school. Ethan is in 6th grade, and he successfully uses the MagniLink TAB daily in his core classes at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School.

Kimberly recently spoke to Ethan, and he shared how easy it is to participate in his math, reading and science classes since he can use the distance camera on the TAB to effectively see the board and follow-along with the rest of the class as the teacher is introducing new concepts and reviewing with the students. He can even take a picture of the board if he needs to keep the information for review, or he can video tape an important presentation that is happening during class. Since the TAB is based on a Microsoft Surface Pro, Ethan is also able to take notes in class and look up information on the web with the rest of the class. 

Ethan benefits from the portability of the TAB and can move it from class to class. In the past, he has had a large CCTV which didn’t allow him the portability he needed for middle school. He can also take the TAB home during Christmas break. This will allow him to continue to use the features on the TAB such as OCR, doing research on his favorite things, and being ready to take on the world!

We are so happy to report Ethan is currently getting A’s & B’s in his classes. We are so proud of him and the awesome job he is doing!

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Get inspired by Jacki Jones!

– Written by Kimberly Cline, Director of Sales LVI America


Two images of Jackie Jones. One where she is outside walking with her cane. The other is a close up of Jacki.


A few months ago, I met the most incredible person, and her name is Jacki Jones!


I was so impressed with Jacki, that I asked her to be part of our March webinar series where we are focused on education. Jacki is currently getting her Associate Degree in Nutrition with a Certification in Culinary Cuisine.


When she graduates, she plans to work with people with low vision and blindness to help with their organizational skills, food preparation and educate them on how to eat to achieve a healthier lifestyle. She is always thinking about how she can assist others in improving their lives.


Another thing that stood out to me about Jacki is her positive attitude no matter what comes her way in life.  She doesn’t let anything set her back, including Covid-19. She recently shared something, that was so amazing to me. She stays motivated to continue to push herself further day after day, by telling herself never give up on the person that you have been put on this earth to be. Also, don’t forget the people that are in your presence and in your future who you were meant to inspire. Well Jacki definitely inspires me! 


Jacki was diagnosed with Glaucoma about 19 years ago, but not until recently did her sight take a turn for the worse. She shared the rest of her story on our webinar Living with Low Vision – Take Me to School that we were hosting on March 23rd 2021. 


During the webinar, Jacki shared her secrets to success and discussed how she uses the MagniLink TAB for her schoolwork and to attend college remotely. She also told us how she uses the TAB to work remotely as a correspondent lending purchaser where she reviews documents to sell the loans to lenders after the loan has closed with escrow.


Jacki appears to have fun even amidst the challenges she comes across in life. She even received her mobility training in her 4-inch heels. We appreciated that she shared that story and many others as she shared her life journey with us in the webinar.  


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