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Routines for service and support


The RESELLER shall act as first line support for the sold products and shall be the sole contact point for the customers who have purchased the products from the RESELLER. 


For repairs and second line support the RESELLER shall contact LVI. The RESELLER is the contact point to LVI and shall not instruct customers to take direct contact to LVI regarding support cases if not instructed so by LVI. 


LVI warrants for goods delivered to the RESELLER for a period of twenty-four (24) months, counted from the date the goods are delivered from LVI. All claims for warranty repairs shall be done with attached information of the products serial number. Faulty goods shall be sent back to LVI for repair or exchange, in LVI's choice. LVI pays the freight to LVI, and the RESELLER pays the return-freight to the RESELLER. Repairs not covered by the 24-months warranty will be debited.


For all goods that need to be sent to us at LVI America, please contact the relevant service unit below to explain the problem with the product. You will then receive an Issue ID from us that must be included (written on the packaging or on the shipping note) when the product is sent to us.

Service & Software Support USA, tel: (888) 460-4834,  e-mail service@lviamerica.com

Service & Software Support Canada, tel: (778) 847-6840 or (833) 508-6840 (toll free for Canada only), service.canada@lviamerica.com