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MagniLink PCViewer Standalone is available!

– More flexibility for the user

We are pleased to announce MagniLink PCViewerTM­­ Standalone  −  a software that can be used on a Windows based PC without being connected to a MagniLink video magnifier. With the software, you can now, OCR documents and get the text read aloud by the built-in speech synthesis. You can also display the OCR processed text with or without speech in different viewing modes adapted for low vision.


Images of OCR processed text when using MagniLink PCViewer Standalone.


You can OCR text from a saved picture previously taken with a connected MagniLink video magnifier and import other documents (eg PDF files) into the application to have them OCR processed. You can enlarge and navigate in the OCR picture and the OCR result can be saved as an audio file (.wav). It´s also possible to paste text straight into the application and get it read aloud.


More information about MagniLink PCViewerTM­­ Standalone

See video of how you activate and deactivate your MagniLink PCViewer Standalone license.


See video about the OCR-functions in MagniLink PCViewer Standalone




MagniLink PCViewerTM­­ version updated with standalone function

Our regular software MagniLink PCViewerTM­­ is used to display image from a MagniLink video magnifier, on a Windows based PC. The software controls features such as magnification, color and brightness, and provides the user with the facility to make indiviual adjustments for the best possible experience. 


A girl in a classroom is using MagniLink PCViewer on a computer connected to the video magnifier MagniLink S Premium.

In the updated version, if you purchase the optional TTS, you will also be able to use the software standalone, ie without a connected video magnifier. When purchasing the video magnifier MagniLink S Premium 2 or MagniLink PRO the software PCViewer is included and if you now choose the option TTS the standalone feature is also included.


More information about MagniLink PCViewerTM­­ 


Click here to download your software


(If you don´t have a licensed MagniLink camera the words “Unvalid license” will be present at the screen. After a few minutes the picture will disappear. If you want to test a few more minutes you can restart the camera again).