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Updated MagniLink MacViewer

Image of parts of a screen that have MagniLink MacViewer running.


Our MagniLink MacViewer software is used to display the image from a MagniLink video magnifier on a Mac computer. The software controls the video magnifier’s features, such as magnification, colors and brightness. There are a number of different functions that facilitate individual adjustments for the best possible user experience.

The new version MagniLink MacViewer 3.3 includes the following:

  • Support for new macOS Sonoma – MagniLink MacViewer 3.3 is compatible with macOS Sonoma, the latest release of Apple's operating system for Mac computers.
  • Extended support for existing and upcoming products in the MagniLink AIR family.
  • Various minor bug fixes.


Note that MagniLink MacViewer version 3.3 requires macOS Big Sur or later. 


Download MacViewer 3.3 today!

MacViewer version 3.3 is a complimentary upgrade for those who are currently using MacViewer and can be downloaded from our website.

If you purchased MacViewer March 2020 or after, the upgrade is free. If you were using our MagniLink S software to communicate between the MLS and your Mac previous to March 2020, MacViewer 3.3 is a paid upgrade. 


More information about MagniLink MacViewer