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Fantastic MagniLink AIR – now it´s here!

A family of wireless video camera systems that can be combined to meet a wide variety of needs

The new and innovative MagniLink AIR is now available and can be installed in a variety of configurations. The foundation of MagniLink AIR is our MagniLink software which is used on a computer (PC and Mac) or on a control unit if you don’t have access to a computer. You can then combine various wireless or wired cameras and other accessories to fit your unique situation. The ML AIR systems grant access to lots of useful functions that make everyday life easier and create new opportunities in different environtments – from the classroom to the boardroom. 

This is how the system is structured:


System overview MagniLink AIR


For a more detailed system overview, read here.


A flexible system

MagniLink AIR is a flexible system that makes everyday life easier for the user. The cameras are motorized and controlled from the software via the mouse pointer, keyboard or from an external controller. By splitting the screen between the image from the distance camera and the document camera, the user can more easily share the same information as his or her classmates, increasing participation and independence.

MagniLink AIR Uno

MagniLink AIR Uno is a wireless camera that can be used both as a document and distance camera. The camera is easily mounted in a suspended or, in a box provide by LVI, on flush ceiling. The computer screen can easily be divided between the image taken with the ceiling mounted camera, either in distance or reading mode, and the computer image itself. More viewing options, where you can view multiple images simultaneously, will be available if you also choose to connect the MagniLink AIR Distance camera or a MagniLink video magnifier, such as MagniLink S Premium 2 or MagniLink Pro.


The image shows a classroom with students where the camera MagniLink AIR Uno is set in distance mode - aimed at the teacher at the board.


MagniLink AIR Duo

MagniLink AIR Duo is a wireless dual camera system, where one camera is used as a document camera and the other as a distance camera. The camera is easily mounted in a suspended or, in a box provide by LVI, on flush ceiling.


The picture shows a classroom with students where the two-camera system MagniLink AIR Duo uses the distance camera aimed at the teacher at the board and the document camera aimed at the visually impaired student's book on the table.


MagniLink AIR Distance

MagniLink AIR Distance is a wired distance camera that is available in versions with table mount, wall mount or ceiling mount. The device can be used independently, together with MagniLink AIR Uno – or a MagniLink video magnifier.


Two pictures, from different directions, that show a visually impaired student in the classroom. On her computer screen she sees two pictures, one from the distance camera MagniLink AIR Distance which shows the map on the board and one from the document camera that shows a picture from the textbook.


MagniLink Frame grabber (accessory)

A device that allows you to wirelessly capture the image from an external image source, such as a projector or a smartboard. This accessory fits MagniLink AIR Uno / Duo and makes it possible for a person with impaired vision to see the presentation directly on their own screen. 


At www.lviamerica.com/catalog/groups/magnilink-air you can learn more about all the possibilities with MagniLink AIR and discover our other accessories that will make the MagniLink AIR your first choice.