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Software information MagniLink ChromeViewer

Due to a change from Google in their Chrome OS it is no longer possible to connect to an LVI camera through the ”connect button” in MagniLink ChromeViewer if the application has been started from the Chrome OS ”Extensions”. We have reported this to Google and hope they make a change in future versions.


Instead the application should be started from ”App Launcher” or attached to the Start Area and started from there. Then the ”connect button” works as it should. How this is done is described below and the same information is also available in the Users Manual  


  1. Launch MagniLink ChromeViewer
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Press the Copy URL button located under the About settings page to copy the address to the app.
  4. Launch the Google Chrome browser
  5. Select the address field and paste the copied addres either by pressing Ctrl + V or by right-clicking on the address field and selecting Paste. Press Enter
  6. Under More at the top right, press More Tools and then Create Shortcut

    Screenshot of how to start MagniLink ChromeViewer.
  7. Select Open as window, the press Create

    Image of how it looks when creating a shortcut.

In App Launcher you can also attach MagnLink ChromeViewer to the start area.