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Now launching the software MagniLink ChromeViewer

Being a Chromebook user is no longer a limitation for connectivity to a word class Video Magnifier!

A girl in a classroom uses a Chromebook, the ChromeViewer software and the MagniLink S video magnifier.

The highly appreciated software for the MagniLink products is now being released in a version for Chromebook. As always filled with smart features and very easy to use.

The software controls the picture from the Video Magnifier, for example regarding magnification, artificial colours and brightness and gives the user a lot of opportunities to individual settings for highest convenience.

The sales trend for Chromebooks is rising rapidly and more than half of all computers issued in the education sector in the USA are Chromebooks. 
Similar trends can be seen in many European countries. 

Statistics on the distribution of the various operating systems in the education sector 

More information about MagniLink ChromeViewer 

MagniLink ChromeViewerTM is available for download from Chrome Web Store.