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New Service Center in Canada


We recently opened a service center in Canada in conjunction with Chaos Technical Services in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Chaos owner and operator, Rick Chant has over 25 years in the industry and has repaired scores of different types of assistive technology. Rick is familiar with MagniLink products and ready to begin servicing LVI products today. 


“We’re pleased with this new opportunity for many reasons, not least of which is it simplifies shipping products,” enthused Kimberly Cline, LVI Sales Director. “Products owned by Canadians no longer have to cross the border for service.” 


Kimberly continued, “Rick has impressed us right from the start. He’s a go-getter with a vast knowledge of assistive technology.”


We asked Rick about the name of his business. He laughed and said the name came from his dog Chaos. He further explained that chaos is when everything goes wrong but afterward something beautiful grows. 


Rick’s dog Chaos was the BC Parks trail maintenance mascot. She is shown here wearing her green pack on one of the trails. Sadly, she got into a contaminated pond while out trailing with Rick and died of kidney infection. RIP, Chaos. 

Photo of Rick’s dog Chaos.


Rick has a knack for bringing order to chaos, and we welcome him to the team!


Visit this link for further information on LVI Service.