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New sales person - welcome Kimberly!

LVI America strengthens with new sales person

On May 15th, Kimberly Cline joined the LVI team as Regional Sales Manager, USA West, and she will have ongoing Interactions with resellers, institutions, state agencies and other customers. She has approximately thirty years of experience in the assistive technology field and sales of software and video magnifiers. For the past decade, she has worked in leading the sales and marketing at Ai Squared and GW Micro. Kimberly with her experience and vast knowledge will significantly contribute to the strengthening of LVI market presence in the USA. We warmly welcome Kimberly to LVI!

Detailed contact information for Kimberly, and the other team members of LVI America you find here at www.lviamerica. Please contact us for additional information about our product line.

Five quick questions for Kimberly:


Kimberly Cline


Who are you?
An experienced sales and marketing individual who specializes in establishing and growing sales of assistive technology to identified markets. I am skilled at launching sales into new vertical markets by effectively defining and dynamically presenting assistive technology. I have successfully sold technology into government agencies, universities, school districts, libraries, small and large corporations. I have the ability to understand the deep needs of customers which builds trust and enhances the entire sales process. 

Describe yourself within a few words:
Passionate about making a difference. Enthusiastic, Intriguing and Relational & Goal Oriented.

Exciting technology products, effective sales strategies and changing lives with assistive technology. In my personal life, I am taking different Pilates classes, and I enjoy engaging in various sporting activities. My husband Jerry and I have fun hiking together in Red Rock in sunny Las Vegas and in beautiful Sedona AZ. We have also enjoyed white water river rafting and bungee jumping.

Hidden talent?
Growing as an individual by taking on new challenges in life like skydiving and other exciting adventures! For example, I´m afraid of heights which is kind of funny since I am 6' 2" tall. So, to help overcome my fear of heights, I went skydiving.  

Expectations for your work at LVI? 
Creating and implementing effective sales strategies that will increase the LVI market-share in America. Changing lives and contributing to the success of individuals who use assistive technology for their careers, education and personal growth.