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Merry Christmas and Happy New 2024

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We also wish you a Happy New Year in 2024!

Christmas card showing an elk in a winter landscape

2023 – a Good Year for LVI

So the year 2023 is also coming to an end and will become history. A great year for LVI. A big step was our decision to completely renovate and expand our Headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Sweden. This process was initiated in May 2023 and is rapidly moving forward, according to plan. LVI has had its headquarters at the same address ever since 1995 and although minor adjustments have been made over the years, it was now time to update our premises to better suit our business, which has grown significantly since then. Both the interior and exterior will be completely new, in stylish Scandinavian design.


Two photos showing the interior during our renovation

In addition to completely renovated premises, we are expanding the area and adding new functionality, including:


  • A new production hall with more space, allowing continous growth, new production possibilities, efficiencies around logistics and fast delivery.
  • An all new R&D area with immediate proximity to all functions such as prototype lab and workshop – and with creative space for collaboration.
  • An innovation center where we can build different environments for testing purposes and continue to innovate and develop world class products.
  • A lecture hall for conferences, education, meetings and more.
  • A smaller studio to improve and professionalize video meetings, webinars and online product demonstrations.
  • A gym to enable exercise in connection with work and encourage and promote staff health.
  • LED lighting, solar cells on the roof and more to reduce our impact on the planet 


In this way, we will be able to offer our customers the highest possible service, short delivery times, cost effective products and high quality in the future as well. During the renovation we are renting a nearby facility and our business continues as usual.


Two photos, the left one showing a skylift outside LVIs premises, the other showing the production area during our renovation.

Christmas – A Time to Reach Out

Is there an elderly person in your neighborhood who might be lonely and could use a smile? Bring them a wreath or a poinsettia.

Is there a single parent at your job struggling because their children will spend Christmas with the opposite parent? Invite them into the chaos of your home or if that doesn’t feel right, give them a copy of your favorite book to read on Christmas day.


That friend you keep meaning to call? Do it today. Make the call and invite them out for hot chocolate at your favorite downtown shop.

Think back over the last year, who among your tribe has lost someone close to them? Send a note to recognize their sadness this season. If you knew their loved one, mention a memory you have.


What about your favorite gas station or coffee shop? Is there a service person with whom you’ve created a bond? Perhaps you have a couple of dollars to spare, put it in a card. They’ll smile and maybe even hug you.


Forgot to get “teacher gifts”? Talk to your kiddos about charity. We used to give to The Hole In the Wall Gang Camp in honor of my daughter’s teacher and to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital to honor my son’s teacher. My kids are grown and flown but I have such sweet memories of their childhood generosity.


Thanks to my daughter, Danielle, who even as a child, had a huge, caring heart. And to my son, Marcus, who was empathetic and kind to a fault.


The Hole In the Wall Gang Camp is dedicated to providing “a different kind of healing” to seriously ill children and their families, free of charge. We are a community that celebrates the spirit of childhood, the sound of laughter and the feeling of endless possibility.


The mission of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.


Catherine Trombley

5 photos showing different kinds of kindness and compassion for other people