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MagniLink TAB and Windows 11

MagniLink TAB is delivered with a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed.

The TAB is configured and function tested in production using Windows 10 Pro. 

The application in the MagniLink TAB is also compatible with Windows 11 Pro, and we have done testing and have not found any issues.  

However, any Windows 11 updates could create potential problems. Because of that, be aware of the following:

  • If you update your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to Windows 11 Pro, LVI cannot take any responsibility around the update or any issues that might occur in relation to this. 
  • If you choose to update to Windows 11 Pro, we recommend that you first create a system restore point in Windows. We further reccommend that you carefully follow all Microsoft recommendations and instructions regarding the updating of  the operating system. 
  • Older versions of Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are not compatible with Windows 11. If you receive a warning that your hardware is non-compatible with Windows 11, you should avoid updating your Surface Pro tablet. 


MagniLink TAB-SCS

If you purchase a MagniLink TAB-SCS (the version delivered without a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, please be aware that the MagniLink TAB-SCS stand is created for Microsoft Surface Pro models 4, 5, 6 and 7. In the future, there will be a version of the MagniLink TAB-SCS that fits Microsoft Surface Pro 8.