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Updated MagniLink PCViewer

– version is released!


The picture shows a student using a video magnifier and a computer with MagniLink PCViewer to see on the screen an enlarged image of the numbers in her math book.


Our software MagniLink PCViewer­­ is used to display images from a MagniLink video magnifier on a Windows-based PC. The software controls the video magnifier’s features, such as magnification, colors and brightness. The new version MagniLink PCViewer is now available. Included in the new version are the following features:


  • Support for MagniLink AIR Go.
  • Ability to choose which split modes you want available when displaying images from multiple cameras.
  • Ability to change light with hand control.


In addition to this, a couple of bug fixes have been implemented. 


  • Camera views do no longer display “License Invalid” when a standalone license is present.
  • Fixed synchronization issue when running multiple cameras.


MagniLink PCViewer version is a free update for those who already use MagniLink PCViewer and can be downloaded from our website


Learn more about MagniLink PCViewer at lviamerica.com.­