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MagniLink ChromeViewer 4.1

Great news for MagniLink ChromeViewer users! – Software further enhanced.

To improve everyday life for anyone using a MagniLink video magnifier with a Chromebook, we have now updated our software MagniLink ChromeViewer. The new version 4.1 has some additional smart features that we present below.




Student using MagniLink ChromeViewer software on her Chromebook.

View multiple images simultaneously

MagniLink ChromeViewer can display image simultaneously from multiple connected MagniLink camera systems. The camera images can be displayed simultaneously on the screen, e.g. image from the MagniLink AIR distance camera and a document camera. For example, this can be very practical for a student in the classroom who wants to be able to see (using the distance camera) what the teacher is doing in front of the board and at the same time see (using the document camera) an enlarged image from the school book.

Two pictures showing a student in the classroom using MagniLink software to display a picture from a distance camera and a document camera on the screen at the same time.

Support for motorized cameras in the MagniLink AIR family

If you are using our motorized cameras from our latest product family MagniLink AIR, you can control the cameras directly from the software via icons, via the keyboard or by dragging the mouse pointer over the camera image. You can also save up to three different camera positions, which would be helpful for a student who quickly needs to switch between different camera positions. Then the student can easily go, with just a push of a button, from seeing the teacher at the board to another saved camera position (such as looking at the door when someone enters the classroom).

Option – improved OCR/TTS-function

The TTS option makes it possible to OCR text from a picture taken with the connected MagniLink camera and have it read aloud. This gives a more relaxed reading, increased reading speed as well as reading endurance. The OCR processed text can be displayed in several different picture view modes synchronized with the speech and it is possible to enlarge and navigate in the OCR-picture. ChromeViewer 4.1 has a new Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine with support for up to 25 languages and also improved OCR processing.

Image showing OCR-processed text in ChormeViewer. There are different picture view modes such as word, line or text and this is where the entire text is displayed.


Incredible Notepad Tool

Even if it´s not brand new, we also want to emphasize the very useful notepad tool in ChromeViewer that provides possibility to draw, write, enlarge and pan in the image. You can easily choose to navigate between different images, and there are several different functions for inserting text, drawing, and writing with a pen or highlighter in different colors and sizes. You can also save and open images. The notepad tool is excellent for marking on worksheets or filling in forms and exams that can then easily be saved or forwarded.

Image of the notepad in ChromeViewer where you have selected text with a yellow highlighter and filled in text in the document.

Free update from version 4.0 to 4.1

MagniLink ChromeViewer version 4.1 is a free update for those who already use MagniLink ChromeViewer version 4.0 and is automatically updated for these users. New users will find the software in the Chrome Web Store where it can be downloaded.


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Product Compatibility for MagniLink ChromeViewer Version 4.1


  • MagniLink S and MagniLink Pro units manufactured from November 1st 2021.
  • MagniLink Zip units manufactured from January 1st 2022.
    - Please note that your MagniLink Zip also needs to be equipped with the connection board to be compatible with computer connection. 
  • Manufacture date is located on the unit near the serial number.
  • Units manufactured prior to the above dates can be used with version ChromeViewer 4.1 after purchasing an upgrade package and sending your video magnifier to the LVI America Service Center for a factory firmware upgrade. 

Upgrade Offers and Alternatives to Existing MagniLink ChromeViewer 3.0 Users

The following applies to products manufactured prior to the above-mentioned dates:

  • Stay with your present version of MagniLink ChromeViewer and continue using it. 
    - No action is needed.
  • Upgrade to MagniLink ChromeViewer version 4.1. 
    - Send in your Video Magnifier to LVI for a firmware upgrade which will allow your device to work with MagniLink ChromeViewer version 4.1. 

    - An RMA is needed prior to sending your video magnifier in for the firmware upgrade. To receive your RMA, e-mail Lew Erlich at service@lviamerica.com and provide him your serial number. Any questions, please contact us at 888-781-7811.
    • Units purchased during 2021, upgrade price $130.
    • Units purchased before 2021, upgrade price $260.
    - To add OCR/TTS in version 4.1, there is an additional charge of $300. (Please note that there is no complimentary OCR/TTS in ChromeViewer version 4.1.)