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LVI America Reseller Ability2Access Expands

Opens Second Location in Virginia


Ability2Access celebrated their Ribbon Cutting on June 3rd, 2021. About 30 people were in attendance, including the Mayor of Radford, several Town Council members as well as local citizens. Several people in attendance work with individuals with visual impairments. Julie Akers, the President of Ability2Access, shared during the ribbon cutting ceremony, “we are excited to be able to bring awareness and demonstrate the amazing technology that can assist individuals with vision loss.” Whether someone is affected by macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts or any other eye condition, there is assistive technology to help regain your independence.


June 3rd has a special meaning to Julie and her family as her father (as well as grandmother) had suffered with macular degeneration and the ribbon cutting was held on her father’s birthday.


LVI America is pleased to partner with Ability2Access as Julie carries and demonstrates our entire product line. Below are some pictures from Ability2Acess’ showroom which includes the LVI products such as the MagniLink Vision, Zip and TAB.


Congratulations Julie on your grand opening! We are pleased to partner with you in your new endeavor. 


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Collage with three pictures from A2A's showroom. A picture of ML Vision, one showing Zip and TAB and the third picture showing paintings with LVI's video magnifiers Vision and One