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Let us present...MagniLink One

- the one and only!

The modern and foldable MagniLink One is the perfect video magnifier for users that appreciate simplicity and quality. It has user friendly operation and high image quality. MagniLink One is the elemental video magnifier that really exceed expectations.

MagniLink One and a newspaper.


Easy to use - for a better everyday life

The control panel with tactile buttons is very easy to operate – a few buttons are all that you need to improve your everyday life! With MagniLink One you can continue solving crosswords, doing needlework and reading even when your vision has deteriorated.

An older woman is using MagniLink One to read a newspaper. She is smiling and looking in the camera.

It is also easy to fold up and down and can easily be stoved away or brought along on a trip. Being easy to move, you can really benefit from using it in different rooms and for different daily tasks. Whenever you need magnification, One is there for you!

Two images. One where an elderly couple are using MagniLink One in the kitchen and another image where they use the device to solve soduku.

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