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Congratulations to Diana! Our last LVI ATIA Raffle Winner


ATIA Raffle Winner #3, Diana is a TAB fan and we don’t blame her a bit. The MagniLink TAB is a revolutionary addition to the assistive technology world. We all love multi-use products. Do you remember when a cellular phone was a big as a building brick and just made phone calls? Today, there are people who run businesses, attend classes, and keep their families organized using just their mobile phone. 


The MagniLink TAB is technically an assistive technology product. However, in this case, TAB means tablet; more specifically, it means Microsoft Surface Pro. When a person with impaired vision purchases a TAB, they get way more than an AT device.

In reality, they purchase an amazing little computer with a distance camera and LVI’s top-notch software; all rolled into a well-designed package that is lightweight, foldable and wonderfully useful. An end user can install their favorite AT software, add an email client, and other programs necessary in their work, school or home life.

ATIA raffle winner Diana.


For more information on the MagniLink Tab.


We think these are some of the reasons that Diana, an AT Teacher/Trainer at Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired Division, told us the MagniLink TAB is her favorite LVI product!


Diana often attends LVI webinars. She loves the detailed descriptions of product features and the back and forth between LVI personnel as we present. Diana mentioned the presenters are passionate about the low vision products and dedicated to the task of spreading the word of the functionality and ease of use of LVI products such as the MagniLink TAB. 


When asked what she hoped to learn at LVI’s virtual booth at ATIA, Diana said, “More about ALL of your products and how they can help clients in specific situations".