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Fika American Style

LVI Low Vision International was founded and is headquartered in Sweden. The Swedes have a “fika” tradition. In fact, at our office in Växjö, the fika table is long enough to seat every employee, and they meet there daily for mid-morning fika.

The English translation for fika is “coffee and cake break”.


LVI America considered having a Silver Reseller breakfast meeting at CSUN and then a Fika meeting. Finally, we decided to combine cultures and have Fika American style where we served a bit more than coffee and cake.


Our CEO, Henrik Blomdahl, and Christofer Casswall, the Export Sales Manager, traveled from Sweden while Kimberly Cline, Sales Director for North America, flew in from Los Vegas. (No, she wasn’t on a gambling junket; she lives there.) This LVI trio warmly welcomed, shared food with, showed appreciation for, and listened to feedback from Silver Resellers who came from across the US and Canada.


Our team demonstrated new MagniLink products, showcased the extensive remodeling project taking place at HQ back in Växjö, and shared exciting partnership opportunities.


Fika is an important part of Swedish culture; it means making time to share with friends and colleagues …and that’s what we did. We shared.


Photo from our combined American Fika / Reseller breakfast in Anaheim, California