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Educational solutions during COVID-19


At LVI America, we have been assisting low-vision students for many years throughout the United States by providing them the needed technology to succeed with their educational goals. We have found that creating and offering tools such as ultimate video magnifiers provides students independence and opportunities in the learning environment. We have always kept image quality and transportability at the top of our list, as students need to travel between classes every day.  We also use modern technology and smart and easy-to-use features, so our products meet the needs for a wide range of ages from elementary school children to young adults in colleges and universities. Our low-vision technology offers full high definition cameras which provide superior image quality for distance and document viewing. Many students benefit from our specialized low-vision software, as well as our fast text-to-speech (TTS) that is built into our products.


Starting in March 2020, these same students had to transition into learning from home. This has been quite a challenging time for students as well as teachers. Students are needing proper assistive technology for success in their home environment. LVI’s low-vision assistive technology has several configurations available to assist these students in making a successful transition to home learning.


The MagniLink TAB package allows students to transition into learning successfully from home by providing them a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, video magnifier, TTS, document and distance camera. This complete solution allows students to effectively connect and communicate with others. It also provides flexibility of use by touch screen, gestures or via keyboard with hotkeys. The TAB solution is truly mobile and allows for homework and learning in virtually any room at home. Learn More About the MagniLink TAB


Some students already have a laptop computer that meets their computing needs and would prefer to use assistive technology that complements their PC, Mac or Chromebook. That is the reason LVI created the MagniLink S which is the ultimate video magnifier for students with high standards for both quality and mobility. It offers superior image quality, modern technology and smart features. It’s easy to transport between classes and can be connected to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or monitor. This allows the student to work on-line and connect with their classmates for group projects as well as for collaboration on homework. They can retrieve online assignments and have effective communication with their teachers.  

Learn More About the MagniLink S  


In order to assist student with learning these new tools, LVI America has created a webinar series which shows students how to customize these products to work most effectively in their new home school environment. Get the details on our webinar schedule.  

LVI America Webinar Schedule 


Over the last few years, many school districts have changed to using Chromebooks in the classroom. Also, during this current time when students have found themselves needing to complete their school year from home, some districts are providing students with Chromebooks to use to work on online assignments, to be part of study groups, to communicate with their teachers and to turn in assignments. The MagniLink S works effectively with Chromebooks, and we offer our unique ChromeViewer and TTS software to enhance the end-user experience for a low-vision student relying on a Chromebook for educational purposes.


Special Offer!

For students using the MagniLink S to connect to a Chromebook, LVI America is currently offering ChromeViewer and TTS software for free ($99.00 value) to assist students who are transitioning into their home school environment. Once the MagniLink S is purchased, students can go to the Google Chrome Webstore and download a complimentary copy of ChromeViewer. 
Download a Complimentary Copy of ChromeViewer