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Cole succeding in high school using the MagniLink TAB


Cole using MagniLink TAB in his school work.


Cole is effectively navigating through his freshman year at Little Rock Catholic High School. His hard work, dedication, great attitude, and having the proper assistive technology are big reasons for his overall success.


Cole has a split schedule where he attends school in person part of the week and attends classes from home several days a week as well. This allows the high school to keep the class sizes smaller during COVID-19.  


Starting high school this year, Cole knew he needed to have an assistive technology device that was portable and transportable. He also needed a device that provided a windows-based solution because in his classes they will be using Microsoft Office regularly. He also uses Fusion to magnify the text and to read long portions of text, as needed. He shared with us at LVI America that being able to use the MagniLink TAB solution is perfect because he can easily use it at school, as well when he is attending his school classes from home. Because the TAB is so lightweight, he can move it from classroom to classroom and attend school from almost any room at his house.


On the days that Cole is attending his high school classes from home, he uses the TAB and connects to his classes using Google Meet. Cole mentioned he uses the TAB as his only computer system for all his classes and homework. He likes the portability and the easy and convenient setup. He also uses a Bluetooth mouse and a small portable folding keyboard with the TAB.


Cole isn’t exactly sure of what he wants to major in for college but he enjoys Physics and Engineering. This doesn’t surprise us at LVI because Cole is a very impressive young man who doesn’t let anything keep him from accomplishing his goals. He not only excels in the classroom, but he takes time out to enjoy mountain biking with his friends. It sounds like he has been on some fun adventures.


Keep up the great work, Cole, and thanks for sharing about using the TAB to reach your educational goals!


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