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ChromeViewer now can OCR your text!

To improve everyday life for anyone using a MagniLink video magnifier with a Chromebook, we have now updated the software with an OCR option. In short, this means that you can OCR process text from image documents and get it read aloud. The advantage of listening to a text while reading is that it gives a more relaxed reading, increases reading speed and you will also be able to read longer texts.

Three images showing the new OCR-function in the ChromeViewer software.

To access OCR for MagniLink ChromeViewer you make an in-app purchase in the MagniLink ChromeViewer app. The OCR feature is then connected to the Google Account used for the purchase. This means that you can use ChromeViewer and the OCR function at any Chromebook.

See video about the in-app purchase

Image that symbolizes that there is a video to click and watch.

The OCR-processed text is read by Google´s built-in reading program, ChromeVox. With ChromeVox running, you can step through all your OCR-processed documents and you can navigate row by line, word for word or letter by letter.

See video about the OCR function

Image that symbolizes that there is a video to click and watch.

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