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Catherine – Welcome to LVI

Recently, Catherine Gettel joined the LVI America team as Customer Relations & Marketing Manager. Catherine with her experience and vast knowledge will significantly contribute to the strengthening of LVI market presence in the USA. We warmly welcome Catherine to LVI!



Twenty or so years ago, Catherine Gettel took a chance when she applied for a job with a Vermont company called Ai Squared. Although she had no experience in the assistive technology industry, Ben Weiss, saw something worthy in her and asked her to join them doing technical support for ZoomText 7.0. Within a week, Catherine knew she was in the right place. It was a long commute to the office in Manchester Center, the tech calls were complicated, and sometimes lasted for hours, but the mission to help those with low vison made Catherine’s heart sing. Implementing the mission was, and continues to be, easy, fun, and fulfilling.  


With the mission to help people with low vision
So it is, decades later, a new company, different products, but the mission remains the same and helping people with low vison still makes Catherine’s heart sing! 

We asked Catherine what excites her about LVI America, and she enthusiastically answered, “Everything!” She looks forward to being back in touch with dealers she knows and meeting those she doesn’t. She anticipates getting out in the field for dealer visits and end user exhibits. She’s bursting with energy and can’t wait to tell end users about the amazing MagniLink products that LVI Low Vision International builds in Växjö, Sweden. 
In just a couple weeks, she has shown an aptitude for learning how to use and demonstrate the MagniLink S, Zip, TAB, Vision, One, and Voice. Her dining room is full of black cases with LVI’s easy to spot orange zipper pulls. But Catherine’s demos will rarely be idle; the sleek, well-designed, and carefully built products will be featured in webinars and, once COVID is under control, they will travel with her. 

For several years, Kimberly and Catherine worked together running the dealer network at Ai Squared. This Dynamic Duo is back together! These ladies are ready, willing, and able to help you make the sale of the perfect LVI low vision productivity tool. 

Catherine works from her home office in Vermont, which is in the Eastern time zone. Detailed contact information for Catherine, and the other team members of LVI America you find under Contact here at the website. Please contact us for additional information about our product line.