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Low Vision Aids for school

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At the end of summer, our minds turn toward the classroom. Whether you’re a teacher or student who has a visual impairment, having proper equipment can make the difference between a good or a poor educational experience.

LVI loves learning! We spend time with teachers and students all over the world. We ask questions, we listen closely to answers, and that is how we can make such effective, efficient, easy-to-use video magnifiers that enhance every educational experience. Our MagniLink SMagniLink ZipsMagniLink AIR family of products, and the MagniLink TAB now shipping with Microsoft Surface Pro 8, are each designed and built with the end user in mind.

Interested in learning more about the LVI products that you’ll want to take to school with you? Give us a call, we’ll put you in touch with an LVI America reseller in your region.

Call Kimberly, (702) 468-6611 or Catherine, (802 236-4404 and they will be happy to assist you!

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Collage of three images showing the use of different video magnifiers in a classroom environment.