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A brand new tablet solution is here - MagniLink TAB

– gives endless possibilities!

MagniLink TAB is a complete and mobile tablet solution with high performance and user-friendly operation, and its space saving design makes it ideal for use in different locations – perfect for people on the go!

A student using MagniLink TAB in a classroom.

Complete in every way 

Use the internal camera for reading or the high quality external camera for both distance and close-up viewing.

MagniLink TAB has a touch screen with low vision adapted buttons. You can also control the unit by gestures or connect a Bluetooth keyboard and control it by hotkeys.

The high performance software also includes OCR and Text to Speech. Several different viewing modes are available for increased reading speed, reading endurance and a more relaxed reading.

A group of students where one of them is using MagniLink TAB.

Connect and communicate 

MagniLink TAB is easily connected to your network with WiFi and you can use different accessories connected with Bluetooth. Internet and other standard applications are only a click away – with MagniLink TAB you can easily communicate with the rest of the world!

A woman uses TAB to read a recipe and to see a close-up of a toy as she turns a screw.

Mobility in focus

MagniLink TAB is foldable and light weight with easy and quick startup – you can start working almost immediately. This makes the unit ideal for use in the classroom and the workplace environment and on the go! 


MagniLink TAB – the low vision adapted solution for every need!

An image of a folded MagniLink TAB and another image of a student that use TAB in the classroom.

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