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MagniLink AIR: Two classroom images showing how MagniLink AIR Uno and Duo are used in a classroom to help students with visual impairment.

MagniLink AIR

Product family to adapt and combine as needed!

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A male student are using MagniLink TAB in a classroom

MagniLink TAB

The tablet solution that gives endless possibilities!

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A girl is using the MagniLink S Premium 2 in a classroom

MagniLink S Premium 2

The video magnifier with focus om both quality and mobility.

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A visually impaired woman is using the MagniLink Zip and sees enlarged text on the screen.

MagniLink Zip

Collapsible and portable, but still a genuine reading camera.

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Image of an elderly woman sitting at home on her couch and listening to a book using LVI America´s MagniLink Voice reading machine.

MagniLink Voice

The small, simple reading machine – packed with smart features.

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A woman sees enlarged text on the screen of a MagniLink Vision.

MagniLink Vision

The system that opens up opportunities for home, school and work.

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A woman is using the video magnifier MagniLink One, i a kitchen, to see the text of a recipe.

MagniLink One

The one and only! The only video magnifier you need for a better everyday life.

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Vision problems? LVI America offers world class innovative aids!

LVI America as well as our parent company LVI Low Vision International work to make every day easier for people with low vision!
By offering world class intelligent and innovative products, we make everyday life easier and help create opportunities for a richer life for people with visual impairments.

Under the MagniLink brand, we manufacture Video Magnifiers, Reading Machines and Software and offer comprehensive solutions for the Home, Workplace and School environment. Our total solutions – individually adapted aids, both hardware and software, together with tailored training – create the best conditions for people with visual impairments to
have an active life at School, at Home and in the Workplace.

LVI's products are developed with focus on innovation, quality, simplicity and ease of use. Simplicity is the guiding star in everything we develop and produce – it should be easy to understand and use our products regardless of how complex they are on the inside. In addition to our own products, LVI America also offers some aids from other manufacturers. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions related to our products and services – we will be happy to assist you!