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For a better working situation


Our product range contains a number of different aids for people with impaired vision. There are aids for the home, work and school environment. We are happy to review which aids are suitable for a particular individual, for example, at the workplace in question. We also offer various kinds of training adapted according to the individual and the situation. 

Customisable visual aids

All of our reading cameras are individually customisable, so that they can be adapted according to each individual person and each unique work situation.


We also offer software programs that make computers and mobile phones accessible, such as magnification programs, screen readers and other software programs. These programs enable a visually impaired person to manage his or her email, use the Internet, scan and read printed text, write documents and read audio newspapers and books.


Other accessories to make work easier for visually impaired people include, for example, specially adapted computer tables, magnifying lighting and keyboards with easy-to-read keys.


When adapting a workplace, the big picture is important. Nothing is stronger than the weakest link. The right aids, the right training and the right work method and procedures are the key to good results.


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