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LVI America's parent company LVI Low Vision International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision aids. Discover our wide range of products that make everyday life easier for people with visual impairments.

Business idea

Our business concept is as follows:

LVI Low Vision International shall, with innovation and committed employees, create and market affordable, world-class electronic vision aids that make everyday life easier for people with visual impairments worldwide.


With the above in mind, we develop, produce and sell vision aids that create opportunities for a better life for people with visual impairment. The right aids for a visually impaired person can mean a great deal and increase the quality of life in many ways, both in private and in working life. Our products are developed with focus on innovation, quality, simplicity and ease of use. They should always be easy to use, no matter how complex they are on the inside.

MagniLink products

Under the MagniLink brand, we develop and manufacture a range of different vision aids such as video magnifiers, reading machines and magnifying software that work both in home, work and school environments. We offer comprehensive solutions  individually adapted vision aids, both hardware and software, together with tailored training  to give visually impaired people the best conditions for an active life at school, at home or in the workplace. In the links below you can find more information about products for the different environments.

LVI products for home evironment
LVI products for work environment
LVI products for school environment

Other vision aids

In addition to our own MagniLink products, we also provide some vision aids from other suppliers, for example large print keyboards. 

Wide range of vision aids

You can find our entire range of vision aids on our website. Follow the link here and select the category of vision aids you want to read more about. If you have questions about any of our products or need help and advice you are welcome to contact us via e-mail or phone. You can find our full contact details here.


Image of various vision aids in the user environment, including video magnifier and reading machine.