OCR and TTS function (Text-to-Speech)

Article number: TTS-PC, TTS-MAC 
OCR and TTS function (Text-to-Speech)

When you want to listen to the text while reading


To your MagniLink software you can choose an option that allows you to OCR-process a text and get it read aloud. This gives a more relaxed reading, increases reading speed and you will also be able to read longer texts.

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When you purchase a MagniLink S Premium 2 or a MagniLink PRO, two video magnifiers that you use connected to a computer or monitor, the software is included. The software for PC is MagniLink PCViewer, the software for Mac is MagniLink S software and the Chromebook software is MagniLink ChromeViewer. You can also choose these software as an option for other video magnifiers in premium models from LVI, provided you have chosen a unit with the possibility of computer connectivity.

For the PC and Mac software the TTS (text-to-speech) option is available. It provides multiple functions, including the OCR function and speech output. For ChromeViewer you have the OCR option, that converts text in an image document into text. Then your Chromebook can read the OCR-processed text, but in this case, the software itself doesn´t read or determine how the text is displayed on the screen - that part it is controlled by Google Chrome.


TTS option for PC and Mac

There are several different features in the TTS option besides getting text read aloud. You can choose how you want the text to be presented; page mode, line mode, word mode, picture mode, image and word or picture and line. Thus you can follow the on-screen text in the way that suits you the best. The software automatically detects the language used in the text and selects voice after the current language. Up to a A4 page can be processed at once, and you can quickly and efficiently load multiple pages within a few seconds. 

The TTS option for the software MagniLink PCViewer includes a standalone function. This allows the software to be used without a connected reading camera.


OCR option for Chromebook

To access OCR for MagniLink ChromeViewer you make an in-app purchase in the MagniLink ChromeViewer app. The OCR feature is then connected to the Google Account used for the purchase. This means that you can use ChromeViewer and the OCR function at any Chromebook.

The OCR-processed text is read by Google´s built-in reading program, ChromeVox. With ChromeVox running, you can step through all your OCR-processed documents and you can navigate row by line, word for word or letter by letter.