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MagniLink Vision TTS

MagniLink Vision TTS

MagniLink Vision TTS offers the best of two worlds. It's a high-quality video magnifier and a reading machine in the same product. MagniLink Vision TTS is easy to use and offers users with visual impairment all the functions they need including Text-to-Speech.

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Plug and play

Connect MagniLink Vision TTS to a power socket, press the on/off button and you are ready to start using your video magnifier!

Easy for all

MagniLink Vision TTS is very easy to use, which makes it very popular among elderly users as well. The control knobs are tactile and ergonomically placed directly on the integrated monitor. The monitor can be adjusted in height, is tiltable and available in two sizes. Choose between 24" or 27".

Stable reading table

The high-quality reading table has friction brakes in the X and Y axis. The brakes can be used to provide higher resistance when the reading table is moved sideways and/or forwards/backwards. They can also be used to lock the reading table during transportation.

Full HD picture quality

MagniLink Vision TTS offers Full HD picture quality. The reading camera has a flicker-free, stable image with high contrast and clear colours. 

Features and benefits

  • High quality.
  • Easy-to-use control panel with logical and tactile knobs.
  • Screen in widescreen format with high contrast and brightness.
  • Stable and robust reading table.
  • High image quality (FHD) with stable, flicker-free image.
  • Modern LED lighting for an even light level over the entire reading table.
  • Good ergonomics.

Technical specification

Model MagniLink Vision FHD 24"    MagniLink Vision FHD 27"
Magnification 2.0-70x 2.4-85x
Weight 27.5 lb 28.7 lb
Height Min. 20.9”, Max. 24.8”* Min. 22.4”, Max. 26.4”*
Depth 20.0” 20.0”
Stand, Width 16.7” 16.7”
Measurements Screen    Width 21.3”, Height 12.6” Width 24.0”, Height 14.2”


*Depends on height

Product sheet
User guide

If you are looking for documents in other languages, please contact us.


Product sheet
User guide

If you are looking for documents in other languages, please contact us.


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