LVI Low Vision International accelerates in US

LVI Low Vision International Announces LVI America Inc. to Open. 

LVI is delighted to announce a new subsidiary, LVI America Inc., opening February 1 2018!

The timing of this announcement is opportune; LVI is realizing solid growth in US with a fresh line of products, expanded reseller network, and strong market feed back. Establishing LVI America Inc office is therefore a very natural step. 

LVI is implementing a multi-domestic strategic plan to take us to the next level in global distribution. This market approach ensures that our customers will experience localized service on all levels - frequent personal contacts, quick product and parts deliveries, and tailored marketing, sales and product support. 

In US this means headquarters including customer service and logistic center established in Chicago. Our experienced sales team, Charlie Collins and Christofer Casswall, brings a wealth of product knowledge, reputation for excellent customer care and meticulous business practices.  

In the year of 2018, LVI celebrates 40 years in the industry with decades presence under different constellations in US. Establishing LVI America is in line with the LVI Group´s exciting development. With a wide product range and strength internationally, LVI will continue to work towards even more innovative solutions that will make every day easier for people with visual impairments.

We trust LVI America Inc. will provide a great value for both our existing and new customers and continue to strengthen presence and customer service throughout this market.

Best regards,


Erik Bondemark

PIcture of Erik Bondemark, CEO Low VIsion International


Contacts at LVI America

Do you want to know more about LVI America or our products, please contact Charlie Collins or Christofer Casswall below. More information about LVI America and the LVI product line can be found at


Picture of Charlie Collins, Sales Director North USA  

Charlie Collins

Sales Director North USA
Tel: (203) 514-8717


Picture of Christofer Casswall, International Sales Manager  

Christofer Caswall

International Sales Manager
Tel: (321) 830 6901


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